A Regional History of Medicine in the Middle East

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About the project

A regional history of medicine is a research project funded by the European Research Council and headed by Prof. Liat Kozma, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The purpose of the project is to write a long-term history of medicine in the Middle East and North Africa from a transnational and multi-layered perspective. A regional approach enables tracing global influences and transnational flows alongside local specificities. A long-term perspective (1830-1960) allows the tracing of continuity and change from the late Ottoman Middle East through the colonial to the decolonization and post-colonial periods. The database was designed to serve this research scheme, as it enables historians of medicine in the Middle East to trace networks and interconnections between people, institutions, organizations and written texts in the region. The database is based on multiple archival and published sources, and is designed to cover thousands of medical professionals, medical and educational institution, hundreds of villages, towns and cities and more.

About the team

The MidEastMed team is a vibrant and diverse group of scholars at various stages of their academic careers, from different parts of Israel, speaking and reading a variety of languages, who have come together to study of the movement of people, knowledge and epidemics.